Hey guys, I have a new site! I have a PSN and Gamertag so add me if u wish.

PSN - Gdawg26
Gamertag - Omgurface


Alright for the XMV there is now a deadline for April 30th so Hurry up people!1 Remember winner gets ANY char they want made!

Next Character

SORA. Before Terra and Before Ven. Nuff said, I'll release a trailer soon.

XMV Contest

Hey guys. I have had a coool idea. Whoever can make a good Music Video using only my mugen characters, will have ANY character made of their choice, aslong as it has sprites. If you would like to enter, then upload your video via YouTube and then email me the link at jordy_j_s@hotmail.com

Chars I WON'T Make....
Terra (already in production)
Ven (already in production)

That is all.


I'm not quitting you dumbasses. Anyways once CNA finishes his Terra sprites i'll make him until then. YOU ARE ALL RETARDED!