Hey guys, I have a new site! I have a PSN and Gamertag so add me if u wish.

PSN - Gdawg26
Gamertag - Omgurface

Mewtwo or Lexaeus

Hey guys, I know you have requests but I keep finding sweet people so who do you want next release wise? Mewtwo or Lexaeus?

Links Done

Allright Link's vid and character are both done. I'm really proud of him. His Triforce Slash came out amazing. The vids rendering now so as usual expect Link within the next 2-3 hours. I say 2-3 because I have no idea how long the vid will take to upload. Anyways peace out, Xatoku.

Before Stewie...

I have found a link sheet. I shall make him. I will be back. Tommorow...you may have somebody new added to your roster ;)

Stewie The Untold Project.

Allright guys, I've decided and I want to make the best mugen character lol. Stewie Griffin. Though I cannot do this alone. I ask everyone reading this post if you have some artistic talent to reply to this message and help with the stewie project. I will be coding and some sheeting but i basically want a megaman X sized Stewie. The Stance should be a brawling stance, with his fists up and legs like /| sort of. Anyways please help with this project. Thanks X.

Contact at jordy_j_s@hotmail.com

I Need To Make SomeBody!!

I can't think of anybody to make and I have Lexaeus block and I have plans for Larxene but somebody email me at jordy_j_s@hotmail.com who to make with a sprite sheet handy. Please make it somebody different and not the same suggestions. Thanks X.

Lion Sora Soon!

Yeah a project I've kept quiet for a while. But the vids rendering now so expect him up around 8. It's 7pm here. I know Assimpleasthat beat me to it but hey, she has her version and I have mine...which is better.

Lexaeus Soon?

Allright the rocks look great so I'll finish up Lexaeus soon enough.

Rocks For Lexaeus

Allright the reason I've been putting him off is because there are like 0 rock sprites, so tell me if these are okay, with added effects ofcourse :).

No new chars till sheets are sent

Hey guys, i'm leaving the characters to you guys now, if you want somebody made then send me a full sheet and ill make them. No more custom shit, getting tiresome. Peace , X.

Working On Multiple Projs

Sorry guys but no new chars for awhile because I'm working on an Ike for my mugen and for a new game based of SSB this crew are working on. So ill keep in touch but no chars for a lil wii bit

Ike Head?

Hey guys i need somebody to make me an Ike head from fire emblem. Just his head, not to detailed. Kh Recom Style. Thanks, when made email to jordy_j_s@hotmail.com

I Feel Generous...what is this ?

Allright well they're not too close to being done but fuck the 100 subs thingy for Terra, I'll public him no matter. Unless Sparda888 is mean to me.....jks but yeah.