Hey guys, I have a new site! I have a PSN and Gamertag so add me if u wish.

PSN - Gdawg26
Gamertag - Omgurface

Vexen on the Way

Well I've been busy for months now but I'm back. First off I'm going to get Vexen done just for you guys, because I like ya a lot. Now don't take that too seriously. Expect him up by Sunday.


Me and Cna are bros. again, so the next character will be XEMNAS!

Yes, another one but this time, Digital Gene Style ;)

You shall be informed on his release soon enough...

CNA Quit

Yeah, well kinda, I can't agree on anything with him, aswell as the fact that he's selfish. Unless it's about him, he won't care for it, and I can't work with that negativity. So until I get a new spriter, or sprite myself, there won't be any characters for a small while.

Riku's Done

Yeah, Replica Riku is now finished, the video is rendering as I type. He came out...amazing. Probably the best character I've made so far, hate to be conceited...but better then Valacent's even. You guys will like what you see ;)

New Slogans

Hey guys. The new Team (Digital Gene) are deciding on a new slogan for the website. You can vote in the poll which one you think is better.

Option 1: Our Sprite Can Fight To The Maximum Mugen Light


Option 2: Sprites can fight, you just gotta bring life to them.

New Character: Heartless Riku

Yeah I know Valacent already has one, one that spams ultimate attacks I might add, so I'm gonna go all Xatoku on it and make an awesom-er one that will rock yoar socks. Yeah, Xout.


Alright for the XMV there is now a deadline for April 30th so Hurry up people!1 Remember winner gets ANY char they want made!

Next Character

SORA. Before Terra and Before Ven. Nuff said, I'll release a trailer soon.

XMV Contest

Hey guys. I have had a coool idea. Whoever can make a good Music Video using only my mugen characters, will have ANY character made of their choice, aslong as it has sprites. If you would like to enter, then upload your video via YouTube and then email me the link at jordy_j_s@hotmail.com

Chars I WON'T Make....
Terra (already in production)
Ven (already in production)

That is all.


I'm not quitting you dumbasses. Anyways once CNA finishes his Terra sprites i'll make him until then. YOU ARE ALL RETARDED!

2 More.....

Hey guys.

Seeing as how I'm not getting the publicity I was looking for I'm quitting mugen, after I make two more characters ofcourse.

I'll make Terra and Ven but after that, I'm done. Nuff said. I guess I've just lost motivation for Mugen.

Bomberman Spritez

Well Im working on Bomberman now and I want help please lol. For you spriters out there my email is jordy_j_s@hotmail.com so if you want to help add me on msn and I will send you the base sprite and what i need you to do.



About Ven...

Yeah most of you know that CNA is redoing Ven because it wasn't his best work...but anyways the video is done just gotta make Ven and record the mugen footage plus I went really cinematic on this video so expect big things! (no homo) Anyways a new thing on my videos will be the presentation. I know you guys just click the sendspace link but I still enjoy making the videos almost as much as the characters. Leading up to the mugen character itself is suspenseful to the max and I love that stuff. Anyways what I'm basically saying is that....Ven will be the predasesor to the presentation of my videos, including a new intro of Xatoku productions, a videocopiloted version of CodeNameArtist, and a more advanced character intro. Nuff said, Im going to bed peace. Xatoku

Super Smash Brothers IMPACT

Well. Me and a bunch of other people are working on a super smash bros. based mugen. I know you're thinking, "Xatoku DUMBASS, It's been done before" Well it has but not the way were doing it. We have the code allready but basically it will have the ringout and % system and overall Play like SSB. But since the spriters quit we now have to use original sprites. :(. But you can save the day. Usually I ask for your guys' help for dumb stuff. But now I am begging. Please help with this project. What you could do is sprite characters or stages, edit sprite sheets with our style, write storyline, make videos, promos, a THEME SONG even! But seriously guys please help because I'm working on this project alot and I want you guys to help to. SO without further adue heres the link.

SSB IMPACT Forums (Where you can sign up to help and post your work) -


Venting my thoughts

street fighter 4 is the worst piece of shit game I've ever played in my life. The characters are unbalanced the controls are fucking terrible and it takes to long to master and boring as fuck.


There. KK off topic but yeah i hate that game just played it, its gay.

It R Game Night

Allright doods. I has every system and wanna play with the fans so if you want to play some Warcraft or Halo/Cod5 then tonights the night. I have like 0 ps3 games though so none of that hehe anyways.

If you want to play then reply to the thread in News and Info on teh forums. I may use my mic and i may not it depends how happy i am.

Lexaeus DONE

Allright he's done so stfu Xicos lol...anyways vids rendering now blah blah blah will upload blah blah
expect in 1-3 hours blah.

Xatoku done for the day next is....Larxene yaaaay!

Lexaeus SOON

Allright he's allmost done just 1 more attack and some other stuff but expect him WITHIN the next 2 days. PS if you have an idea for a song, leave a comment on my Link video. Xatoku, Out.

Leaxaeus Final Attacks

Allright so as you all know I'm working on Lexaeus but I'm having...Kingdomheartsmugenator's block so i need help with 2 more attacks for the Lman

So far there is....

6 Hit Combo, Slash,Slash,Rock summon
Rock summons, Summons 3 rocks that do damage
Weapon Throw, Throws Tomohawk up and it comes down on the opponent
Charge power, because he's soooo strong he needs to charge his power so he has this

I like to fill every button and then add extras if found but yeah if you wanna help i will be making a thread on my forum in the....something section lol idk yet but it will be where you can post your ideas.

PS: I am now playing World Of Warcraft a little bit so if anybody wants to play with me, just ask, remember I have a ps3 and 360 too so yeah, if ya'll wanna play some halo 3 or something I'll be here. Also please give the Lexaeus attacks fast cuz i have strept throat and won't go to work or school tommorow because I'll be home all day so i can work my ass off. That's all peace.

Sora Soon

Well there were some issues with my KH1 Sora so i fixed him up a bit. Vids rendering now blah blah blah.

Link Fixing...

I'm fixing him now and have deleted the video, I'll make sure he's working this time lol and his attacks are all good.

New Toon Link and Link Kinda

They will both be updated....there lol. Plus im sheeting my own Terra and Ven will b out next week on Saturday....maybe. :)

Mewtwo or Lexaeus

Hey guys, I know you have requests but I keep finding sweet people so who do you want next release wise? Mewtwo or Lexaeus?

Links Done

Allright Link's vid and character are both done. I'm really proud of him. His Triforce Slash came out amazing. The vids rendering now so as usual expect Link within the next 2-3 hours. I say 2-3 because I have no idea how long the vid will take to upload. Anyways peace out, Xatoku.

Before Stewie...

I have found a link sheet. I shall make him. I will be back. Tommorow...you may have somebody new added to your roster ;)

Stewie The Untold Project.

Allright guys, I've decided and I want to make the best mugen character lol. Stewie Griffin. Though I cannot do this alone. I ask everyone reading this post if you have some artistic talent to reply to this message and help with the stewie project. I will be coding and some sheeting but i basically want a megaman X sized Stewie. The Stance should be a brawling stance, with his fists up and legs like /| sort of. Anyways please help with this project. Thanks X.

Contact at jordy_j_s@hotmail.com

I Need To Make SomeBody!!

I can't think of anybody to make and I have Lexaeus block and I have plans for Larxene but somebody email me at jordy_j_s@hotmail.com who to make with a sprite sheet handy. Please make it somebody different and not the same suggestions. Thanks X.

Lion Sora Soon!

Yeah a project I've kept quiet for a while. But the vids rendering now so expect him up around 8. It's 7pm here. I know Assimpleasthat beat me to it but hey, she has her version and I have mine...which is better.

Lexaeus Soon?

Allright the rocks look great so I'll finish up Lexaeus soon enough.

Rocks For Lexaeus

Allright the reason I've been putting him off is because there are like 0 rock sprites, so tell me if these are okay, with added effects ofcourse :).

No new chars till sheets are sent

Hey guys, i'm leaving the characters to you guys now, if you want somebody made then send me a full sheet and ill make them. No more custom shit, getting tiresome. Peace , X.

Working On Multiple Projs

Sorry guys but no new chars for awhile because I'm working on an Ike for my mugen and for a new game based of SSB this crew are working on. So ill keep in touch but no chars for a lil wii bit

Ike Head?

Hey guys i need somebody to make me an Ike head from fire emblem. Just his head, not to detailed. Kh Recom Style. Thanks, when made email to jordy_j_s@hotmail.com

I Feel Generous...what is this ?

Allright well they're not too close to being done but fuck the 100 subs thingy for Terra, I'll public him no matter. Unless Sparda888 is mean to me.....jks but yeah.