Hey guys, I have a new site! I have a PSN and Gamertag so add me if u wish.

PSN - Gdawg26
Gamertag - Omgurface

Tick Tock Riku's Here

Alright the vids bein rendered as we speak so in about......40 minutes? Riku will be released.

Allright Done.

Worked my ass off since last post and making Riku's vid now. :)

Fuck it Riku Today

Allright I just realized how stupid i just sound'. I CAN finish and WILL Release Riku today and if not then i suck big floppy donkey dick. Realizing i wrote that he will be released today! Video may not be as good but we'll see.

No Riku for a Week sorry,

im in Jamaica for the next week and I'm leaving at 3am tonight. I am going to work my ass off with riku till then and he may possibly come out. Not sure, be patient please.

Riku Ultimate

Alright well with the pms from youtube the majority was a mickey attack. So what I'd thought i would do is have him do a spinning thing with riku and a keyblade throw with riku.Finally please look to the right and vote in the poll for which Mickey u want.

Final Riku Attack?

Allright Riku is done, but he has 1 button left unused. I'm leaving it for you guys to decide. Please PM me on youtube of what you think it should be and i will chose the most thought out, well written and logical attack. After that I'll release him. Xatoku

No Riku Till Monday Maybe

Allright well my cousin is here for the duration of the weekend so i won't work on Riku till Monday, he's almost done, a few more attacks to make but yeah. Xatoku


Yeah, he's done. I'm rendering the video as we speak, lucky for me i had a root canal today so I didn't have any work or school to attend. Take this character as a christmas present, and please do not tell me what to fix on him because he's awesome so suck rope :P. Xatoku.

PS: You CAN charge up his spin.

Link Tonight?

I may be done Toon Link tonight, I'm not sure so don't bug me. lol


Allright my buddy made me a sweet Toon Link sprite sheet and i am pumped, airgo i shall make him! Don't hate me guys but this is something i must do.

Tonight = Xemnas

I fixed up Xemnas for you guys, I didn't give his deep dive purple diamond things w/e but he fights alot better and cooler now, his shots look nice (lazers) and hes overall a better character, im rendering the vid as we speak. Expect him to be out by around 1am tonight, its 10:05pm atm. Thanks Xatoku.

Ps: Sorry about riku, I'm having trouble thinking of attacks, please comment this blog or make a thread on the forum discussing moves for Riku so he will come out faster. Thanks Xatoku.

Riku Soon

Well the votes came in and riku with blindfold is the winner! I'll work on him all night and try to finish it up, got 2 backs of red bull lol. K guys so expect him tommorow or tonight, whenever.


Hey guys, i got tiresome of that website i had so I'm sticking with blogspot. I have a new logo as you can see above. I'm currently focused on finishing Blindfold Riku but i'll leave u guys to decide as to who i shall finish first. I have a PSN and Gamertag so add me if u wish.

PSN - Gdawg26
Gamertag - Omgurface